Nyan Cat Extreme Live Pro 1.0

Source:Cuckoo Avenger

Nyan nyan nyan in style! Quickly becoming the most full featured nyan wallpaper!

This is a new Nyan Cat live wallpaper. This is not just a bunch of looped picture files, everything except for the cat's body is program generated so there are a ton of customization options, and more to come!
Stop Nyan-ing like the guy next to you and take Poptat Cat to the EXTREME! (Cue monster truck voice)

To use, go to Wallpapers->Live Wallpapers->Nyan Cat Extreme, or hit open and select Nyan Cat Extreme.
This is not an app and must be accessed through your live wallpapers.

Should work and fill the screen of any android device, has been tested and confirmed working on my Epic 4G and HeroTab C8 but I cannot 100% confirm it will work with your device, if you're running Android 2.1 or up you should be fine.
This version is finally fully customizable!!!!!
You can now choose each color of the rainbow, the color and number of stars, the color and number of comets, shake sensitivity, speed, the color of the laser effects and more!

This is a little bit snappier than the other nyan cat wallpapers in my opinion because it doesn't rely on drawing lots of pngs and gifs.

Features Coming Soon:
Ability to Select Different Bodies.
Some Graphical Gimmicks.
Possibly a Setting for Toggling Music.

If there is anything else you would like to see added, or you have other suggestions feel free to let me know. Seriously, feel free to email me with problems/suggestions.

Free version also available on the market, just search Nyan Cat Extreme

(Personal Note: If you're going to leave a negative review, could you please take the time to leave helpful information, like what phone you're using, and what version of android so maybe the problem can be fixed? I would appreciate over the snappy one liners. Thank you.)

Change Log:

Version 0.117
-enable/disable touch screen interactions
-enable/disable accelerometer interactions
-choose between Classic, Smokey, and Original Rainbow Styles.
Refined laser touch effect, better graphical effect.
Added shake interaction, shake your phone gently to send Nyan Cat through a comet field.
Refined and optimized background star graphics, now more true to the original, alternating speeds.
Stars re-distribute when phone orientation changes
Many more code optimizations.

Version 0.115
Initial Release

Last Updated:2011-09-18 21:40:01
File size:51KB
OS:Android 2.1 and up

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